Gifts From Heaven, pt 1 – GHG2.

8/7/2011: I’ve included an updated review of GHG2 in Part 3. 

I invested on our first Cloth Diapers last June — bought 5, then 2, sold 5 and bought 4 more – and since then hasn’t stock up any new, or tried any other brands. I am that loyal ;)

As Natey is fast outgrowing his Autumnz — fits 3-18kg but he’s only 9kg — I began my hunt for a new alternative when Gifts From Heaven was recommended. And here they are just before CNY! But are they as claimed to be?

GHG2 One Size Washable CD
With 2 Microfiber Inserts, RM35.00

GHG2 One Size Washable Cloth Diapers, Black and Cyan

Gifts From Heaven vs Autumnz
Generous in Sizing almost 4 inches longer

GHG2 One Size Washable Cloth Diapers in Black and Autumnz Twinkle Blue Button Pocket Cloth Diaper

Double Buttoned Hipster
Extra security for a snug fitted finish!

GHG2 One Size Washable Cloth Diapers, Cyan

My Verdict: 4 star

As you can see from Pic#2, GH is very generous in length compared to Autumnz. GHG2 fits 3-15kg, Autumnz 18kg.

Although weight is just a buying guideline, 3kg is a big difference. With the additional 8cm in lenght, Natey is wearing GH at the middle button. Whereas Autumnz is fully extended and getting a bit small. This definitely means more value for money as GH can be worn longer.

What I like most about GHG2 is the double snap buttons at the hip (Pic#3). It gives a “neater” and secure fitting compared to the single button design. Do remember this factor when you decide on buying yours — whatever the brand may be ;)

Another very important note, Natey’s behind looked less bulky too. If your baby is cloth diapering, you will know what I mean. The shell plus insert adds volume to the lower body. Wearing Autumnz made Natey’s little bumbum looked Fatty bumbum *LOL*

So are they gifts from heaven? I’ll leave that for you to decide. For RM35, I am happy to recommend this brand to you. If they had more colours, I wouldn’t mind getting another 2 pairs from them :)

9 thoughts on “Gifts From Heaven, pt 1 – GHG2.

  1. thanks for supporting GFH cloth diapers ^^ we are so happy that you like our cloth diapers. hope to see u soon and happy chinese new year!

  2. Joey

    Glad you like it, Jac! The cutting is indeed bigger with better quality than Autumnz. 

    However, dealing with GFH can be rather a headache, specifically their after-sales service. If there’s any delay in package delivery, GFH will not follow up for you but rather expect you to call the courier company and track the package on your own. This never happened with other online shops. To “manage” the complaint, they sent me an email telling me that I shouldn’t have chosen that method of delivery as it’s not recommended. Not recommended BUT it’s still a choice they offer. Weird, no? 

    Maybe i was unlucky but all in all, do buy through another friend if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with GFH :)

  3. mellomouse

    Hi Henni
    Not sure if you’re still reading this, but hope you’ll take note of Joey’s feedback too. The after sales service is just as important as the product quality. That’s where word of mouth travels and affects the brand.

    Thanks for sharing it here so others can be prepared if such an experience happens to them! I’m lucky to avoid that all together, else this would have been a totally different post ;)

  4. May Yee

    I have brought a lot of stuffs form Gifts from H, so far no problems. Except for one missed order. I left Henni a message on her website and she responded with a sms to my mobile immediately.

    So far am happy with then and the price. Hope Henni will stock up the pink bunny Montril training pants! They are so cute!

  5. mellomouse

    That’s so assuring to know! I need to get some tee for Natey too.

    I’m very happy with my GH2 CD so far and wanna get 2 more but there’s no more designs to choose from :(

  6. thanks for all the feedback and suggestion. so sorry that i just only came to check out the latest feedback of GFH CD and service and couldn’t reply to all these comments earlier.
    We try our best to provide better service to our customers. however, due to manpower constraint, buyers are requested to check the status of their parcels themselves cos we have too little time and manpower to handle orders and our babies especially there is a newborn ^^ Thus, we have provided all the tracking no and courier companies tracking website for buyers. However, if there is problem wt the delivery, we will still help our buyers to “hunt down” the parcel. But pls give us some time to follow up with the courier company.
    As for the courier company services, we have tried our best to provide the lowest rate. However, for some area, the specific courier service is super bad, for example, Skynet service is terrible in Subang area (delay may upto 2 weeks if one is bad luck) and Kangaroo is bad in Terengganu & Kelantan (delay may upto 1-2 weeks). But these 2 companies are among the cheapest courier services that we can find to offer to our buyers whilst their service is quite okay at other areas. Thus, we have indicated in the “shipping method” for buyers to choose on their choose. Not recommended but still a choice cos some buyers have no problem with the particular courier service and quite happy with their service. Hopefully you will understand.

    as for clothing, normally we will not restock for sold out designs as there are more and more new designs coming out ^^

    We will try to add new CD designs whenever we could ^^

  7. mellomouse

    Hi Henni

    Really appreciate your clarifications! I hope the other buyers would not be affected by 1 bad review since I have friends who says nothing but the best of your services ;)

    I really look forward to more designs soon!

  8. sarah


    I’m interested to purchaser the GH G3 package deal for my baby and the XL package deal. Just wondering, does it really absorb well? Do you have any problem with leakage cause my baby and toddler is a heavy wetter. Thank you.

  9. mellomouse

    Hi Sarah,

    To avoid leakage, you’ll have to use 2 inserts each time because GFH’s insert is thinner than other brands. It will leak with 1. I change every 1-2hrs during day use. I wouldn’t recommend using it at night for long hours.

    I don’t have experience with CD for night use as my son is a heavy wetter too so I use Mamypoko. By 5am it will be soaked and I’ll change in while he continue sleeping. Try buying inserts made from bamboo if you want to try for night use :)

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